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The information in this web site is intended to aid you in understanding your rights and responsibilities relating to property tax in Franklin County. This web page cannot cover the many and complex tax laws in Georgia. If you have questions or need clarification, please contact us. My staff and I are here to help you.

Please review our frequently asked questions, our general information on property taxation, and  information on tax liens and tax sales.

The site does not necessarily cover every aspect of property taxation and should not be relied upon as a legal source of information. Please refer to the specified code sections for specific limitations. The Georgia General Assembly sponsors a web site where the unannotated version of the official code of Georgia can be viewed.

The Franklin County Tax Commissioner’s Office should be contacted for more information or inquiries about billing and collection of property taxes, and the Franklin County Board of Tax Assessor’s Office should be contacted for more information on property values. The phone number for the Tax Assessor is (706) 384-4896.



Recently, the Department of Revenue has determined that the vendor contracted to print and mail the renewal notices on behalf of the local County Tag offices has been faced with several operational and production related issues and therefore unable to fulfill their contractual obligations. This has resulted in a severe delay in the mailing of notices to vehicle owners, specifically the October renewal reminder mailing. The October renewal mailings should be received by Motor Vehicle owners by the first of October. The Department of Revenue is working on getting the November notices mailed as quickly as possible.

Although not required, renewal notices are mailed to motor vehicle owners in participating counties. Vehicle owners are required to pay the full renewal amount on time (typically the motor vehicle owner’s birthday or based on business name). There are several renewal options available to Motor Vehicle owners including:

  • Mail: renewals received by mail may be returned to the local county tag office using the payment voucher.
  • Online: If a resident of a participating county, motor vehicle owners can renew on line using the Renewal Identification Number (RIN) located on the renewal notice. If the renewal notice is unavailable, a resident may use the RIN look-up tool found on the Department’s website www.dor.georgia.gov .
  • Phone: Residents of participating counties may renew via phone IVR.